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I am seeking an attorney Pro Bono


My name is Charles V. Thompson. I am currently sitting on Texas Death Row. I write to your organization today in my search for a pro Bono law firm to take up the fight for my life. Please consider using the enclosed information and file it with your pro Bono counsel liaison or to forward it to firms that seek complex challenges involving a death penalty case.




April 16, 1999:    Charles Thomas was sentenced to death in the State of Texas, under the double murder statue.

October 24, 2005:   Charles was re sentenced in a new punishment trial, again sentenced to the death penalty. All state appeals were denied.

Present Day:      Charles is on Texas Death Row heading into Federal Habeas Corpus.




On June 13, 1997, Charles Thomas, age 27, met Denise Hayslip, age 38. They began an intimate relationship and began living together a few weeks later. The relationship had a significant alcohol factor indulged upon by both parties. The couple frequented several bars on a weekly basis.

Denise became romantically interested in an outside party, Darrin Cain, age 30. An affair began without Charles Thompson’s knowledge. April 29, 1998, Denise and Charles Thompson went to an establishment that they frequently visited. An employee of this establishment testified that the couple argued, but did not witness any form of violence.


At 2:00 am April 30, 1998 Darrin called Denise at the townhouse she shared with Charles in north Houston. Darrin arrived at the townhouse and a fight ensued. Charles Thompson was hit several times by Darrin resulting in bruising and temporary loss of eyesight. The fight ended at 3am after the Deputy Coker of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene. A neighbor had phoned the Sheriff’s office after hearing Denise’ plea to stop. No charges were filed. Denise stated she wanted both Charles Thompson and Cain to leave the premises.


Charles Thompson returned after 6:00 am in an attempt to retrieve personal items required for his occupation after phoning and verifying that Darrin Cain was not at the location. Charles Thompson entered the property using his own key. Darrin was at the scene and another fight began. A knife and gun were used in the fight leaving Charles Thompson and Denise wounded and killing Darrin.


Toxicology reports taken during Darrin Cain’s autopsy show that Darrin consumed cocaine and alcohol prior to his death.

Denise Hayslip’s brother testified in trial that a nurse from Hermann Hospital indicated to him that Denise would recover from her wound. Based on her experience seeing hundreds of similar cases, the nurse explained, the wound was not life threatening.


Dr. Robert Martin, attending Physician in Hermann Hospital’s Emergency Room, testified that Denise was shot through the cheek, breaking both jaws and injuring her mouth. Dr. Martin’s testimony continued that many people have lived through similar wounds and that her injury was not life threatening. Ms. Hayslip had difficulties breathing because of swelling in her mouth. Nastracheal Intubation was performed to assist her breathing during surgery.


Dr. Martin continued, while preparing for surgery, Denise Hayslip had been left alone while anaesthetized, unconscious, and while under life support for her breathing. Denise’s breathing tube was not applied properly which led to a period of eight to ten minutes without air entering her body adequately prior to medical staff being alerted. Lifesaving resuscitation was required.


Dr. Pat Radalat, a licensed physician and attorney, testified after reviewing the medical records and autopsy of Hayslip: “Her (Denise Hayslip) wound was not lethal if proper medical care had been performed by medical personnel at the time of preparation for surgery”.

Due to medical staff’s absence Denise Hayslip’s had significant time without oxygen resulting in brain death. Denise’s family chose to end life support resulting in Denise’s death on May 6, 1998.


Charles Thompson turned himself in for questioning on April 30, 1998. With his father present, he asked for an attorney to represent him during questioning.


May 1, 1998, Charles Thompson was charged with the manslaughter of Darin Cain and the aggravated assault of Denise Hayslip. Later the charges were dropped and Charles was recharged with capital murder under the state of Texas’ double murder statue.


April 12, 1999 the death penalty trial of charges Thompson began. Judge Shaver ruled that self-defense could not be argued. The knife was not included within this trial. Judge Shafer would not accept a lesser charge for Denise’s death than capital murder. The trial lasted three days, and a sentencing trial lasted two days. Following this faulty trial, Charles Thompson was sentenced to death on April 16, 1999.

On appeal, Charles received a sentencing retrial in 2001 where Charles was appointed the same attorney who hadn’t the experience to handle the death penalty case. Charles was granted a new attorney, however this was only 10 days prior to jury selection of the retrial.


October 24, 2001 the sentencing trial started. Brady violations were discovered the weekend prior to the trial starting. Appeals to allow for more preparation time were denied. Charles Thompson’s counsel did not have enough time for gathering the facts of the case. This resulted in Charles being resentenced to the death penalty. 


State habeas corpus appeal was denied in 2012. Federal Appeal is due 10/2014


Thirty issues are still yet to be presented in court for federal habeas appeal. Including dubious actions of a state pathologist. Funding is required to aid in defense as well as for forensic pathologists and private investigation.


Thank you for your time. Please consider researching this case and offering assistance.


Wrongful Convictions require Justice
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