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Following his appeals, Charles Thompson was granted a new sentencing trial in 2005.


For his new trial, Charles’ defense attorney turned out to be the same man who had been appointed to represent him at his trial in 1999. Charles, having no faith in this attorney whose poor defense got him the death sentence, did all he could to get a new attorney to defend him. Ten days before the jury selection started, the judge granted Charles his request and a new attorney was appointed.


But the few remaining days before the trial started were of course insufficient to prepare an effective defense. Therefore the new sentencing trial that took place from Oct. 24th to Oct. 28th 2005 in Houston, was no more than a farce.The verdict was certain even before the trial began.

No one involved in the case was surprised at the outcome, considering that in Harris County, where the trial took place, 98 % of all new sentencing trial end again in a death sentence.


On October 28th, 2005 the jury voted again for the death penalty for Charles Thompson.

Wrongful Convictions require Justice
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